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  • Organic Soup with oat and brown rice 500g

    Organic Soup with oat and brown rice 500g

    Alce Nero organic soup with brown rice, oats and dried tomatoes is made using Italian grains and pulses. This soup is ready in just 3 minutes, ideal for anyone who does not wish to compromise on the quality of ingredients and delicious flavour, but is...

  • Organic vegetable soup 500g

    Organic vegetable soup 500g

    Alce Nero organic vegetable soup is free from added fat and made using 100% Italian and organic vegetables and pulses. The recipe blends the flavours of seven different vegetables for a meal that is easy to prepare, in just 3 minutes. Alce Nero vegetable...

  • Organic Barley Soup 400g

    Organic Barley Soup 400g

    Before use soak the soup for 6 hours and drain before cooking. It is perfect enriched with aromatic herbs or seasonal vegetables. It is easy to prepare and ideal served hot in the winter and delicious served warm in the summer.

3 of 3 Items