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  • White Truffle Chips White Truffle Chips

    White Truffle Chips

    Our Truffle Chips are seasoned with Italian freeze-dried Truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), to please the palate of truffle lovers.Crunchy and thick, Truffle Chips are perfect to be enjoyed alone as well as for inventing new versions of...

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    Truffle Risotto

    Truffle Risotto

    Thanks to our thirty-years experience in the culinary world we were able to create the Ready Risotto with truffles: all you need is water – and few minutes of preparation time – to serve this delicious dish. One of the most tasty and...

  • Tagliolini Egg Truffle Pasta

    Tagliolini Egg Truffle Pasta

    Our Tagliolini truffle pasta are produced through an artisan process in our workshop in Piobesi d’Alba: bronze die extruded, laid down on wooden frames and dried at low temperature for a long time. Chef’s tips: bring 2 litres of water to boil...

  • White Truffle Powder

    White Truffle Powder

    An incredible seasoning with the distinctive white truffle aroma, this product is unique in its recipe thanks to a masterful blend of fragrances and flavors due to the core ingredients used. A perfect and balanced flavor is captured for...

6 of 6 Items